and the quality of meat is superior. It’s not uncommon to pay the same price per pound for ground beef that you get in the store except that you are also getting steaks

Save Money on Meat

by on September 10, 2012

Meat can consume a huge portion of your grocery bill.
Here are a few suggestions to help cut that cost:

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  • Buy meat in bulk from a local farmer.  Purchasing a half hog or 1/4 cow brings down the cost significantly, and the quality of meat is superior.  It’s not uncommon to pay the same price per pound for ground beef that you get in the store except that you are also getting steaks, roasts and leaner ground beef.
  • Many wholesale clubs will sell you a box of chicken breasts or pork in bulk and at a cheaper rate than what they sell their individual packages for.  If this is too much meat for you find another family that you can split this with.
  • Some people cannot afford the upfront cost of buying in bulk.  The more your meat is cut the further it will go.  Cutting up chicken breasts will extend its usability.  Shredding in a food processor or hand chopper or with two forks will extend it even further.  If you have a dish that you want to make that requires using chicken breast you can cut them horizontally and each chicken breast becomes 2.
  • Buy whole chickens or whole chickens cut up.  This is far cheaper than packages only containing chicken breasts.  Boil them in a large pot for an hour with some celery, onion and carrots.  Strain the water for a great broth (store in jars in the fridge or freezer) and use the chicken for multiple recipes.
  • Eggs are a great source of protein that is affordable.  If you live near someone who raises chickens check into purchasing eggs from them.  They are fresh and often cheaper.
  • Soups, pot pies, stews and casseroles make meat go further.
  • Ask the butcher at your store when they typically mark down the price on their meat.  This is done when the “freeze by” date is nearing.  The meat is cheaper and if you can’t use it immediately just freeze it.
  • Don’t hesitate to plan healthy (and cheaper) vegetarian meals.  Stir frys, soups & pasta dishes are all yummy and can be made without meat.
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Quick Tips:

Don’t purchase expensive cleaners.  You can clean most anything with vinegar, baking soda and a good rag or scrubber.

When trying to save money, steer clear of consumable cleaning products.  Mops with throw away pads, disinfecting wipes, flush-able toilet brushes and dusting wipes are all things that are marked up for the “convenience factor”, and it really isn’t that difficult to spray cleaner on a rag yourself.